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      1. Culture

        Contact Us

        ADD: No. 16, Tongyi Road, Weihai, China

        TEL: 86-0631-5233588

        FAX: 86-0631-5224345

        Current Location:Home > Core Value

        Core Value

        Honesty and Integrity--Treating all people with Sincerity & Living on Reputation

        Honesty is the foundation of the company's business and the root of enterprise culture. WIETC always adheres to "behaving well and doing things in a good manner"; follows rules and keeps promise; and be honest and sincere to partners.

        Honesty allows us to win the respect of customers, get the market recognition, and create a good environment for development.

        Inclusion--Incorporating Diversities & Staying in Harmony while Reserving Difference

        In the development process, WIETC always keeps an open attitude, absorbs new strength, seeks common points while reserving difference to integrate and improve itself constinuously; equally gets along with stakeholders, understands each other’s appeal and concerns; respects customs and ethnic differences at the location of the business; makes progress together and pursues mutual benefits and win-win result with different parties.

        The spirit of inclusion is the foundation of our development and the ladder to our ambitious goals.

        Love and Care-- Cherishing Staffs & Repaying the Society

        WIETC is people-oriented. Internally, it respects and cares for employees, provides broad space and support platform for the all-round development of employees and the realization of value of life. Externally, it never forgets the social responsibility, with the mission of  “Building a Dream & Creating a Sustainable Life Over the World” , it makes persistent efforts in serving to the community, benefiting people, helping vulnerable groups, building a harmonious environment with healthy development, etc.

        Caring is a kind of morality and a kind of power. As long as there is love, there will be boundless hope and a bright future.

        Innovation--Pursuing Novelty & Changes with Infinite Vitality

        Innovation contains infinite vitality and power, and it is the power source of company development and personal progress. The company reformed its ownership, continuously diversify business areas, expands the market space,  upgrades businesses, advances the management system and business model  with the times... The innovation changes run through the whole development history of the Company, penetrates into all aspects of operation and management, and gives the Company a strong vitality and competitiveness.

        Innovation is of sparks of wisdom, which endows us with insight and power to find our way in the predicament and move forward in the fog.

        Excellence--Making Improvement & Pursuing Perfection All the Time

        Paying attention to details, continuously improving the quality of work, giving full play to advantages, capabilities and resources and completing work perfectly are our understanding and practice about excellence. Today, the world is changing rapidly. Only if we are unwilling to mediocrity and pursue excellence constantly, can we adapt to the situation and win the competition.

        Excellence is a spirit and a realm. The pursuit of excellence is endless. We are persistent and enterprising all the way to create a better future.

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