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        ADD: No. 16, Tongyi Road, Weihai, China

        TEL: 86-0631-5233588

        FAX: 86-0631-5224345

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        Development Course


        In Feb. 1988, WIETC was organized and it dispatched the first batch of seamen to Hong Kong in the same year.

        In Jan. 1989, WIETC was registered for its incorporation. 


        WIETC won the bidding for the foreign-aid project of “Seychelles comprehensive polytechnic school maintenance”, which marked the starting of the company’s business in foreign-aid engineering construction.


        In March1993, WIETC was restructured and became a joint-stock enterprise.


        In June 1994, WIETC dispatched 1000 trainees to Korea for the first time and established an office in Seoul.

        In 1995, WIETC set up an office in Osaka, Japan and its manpower service business has gradually entered its golden times since then.


        In February, WIETC won the bidding for foreign-aid project of “the Republic of Congo Massamba-Débat Stadium maintenance” and its engineering business stepped into a new development stage. 


        In June, WIETC successfully passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system of Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


        In October 2000, Xinda Aquaculture and Fishing Co., Ltd., invested by WIETC with 12 million US dollars in Mozambique, put into production officially.

        In 2001, WIETC established Zhengwei Technique Company in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo.


        In 2003, WIETC won “the Award of Excellence for Foreign Manpower Cooperation” awarded by China International Contractors Association. Since 2004, WIETC’s engineering construction business has stepped into a fast developing track with its continuous winning of the bidding for a number of foreign-aid and contracting projects.


        In 2007,WIETC won the bidding for the Brazzaville MAYA-MAYA international airport terminal building and other large projects in the Republic of Congo; Entered the list of the top 225 international contractors selected by US "The Engineering News-Record (ENR)"; In September, WIETC established Zhengwei Technique Company in Democratic Republic of Congo.;In the same year, WIETC restarted to develop the real estate business.

        In 2008,WIETC cooperated with Shandong Geological Engineering Investigation Institute in the exploration of potassium mineral in the Republic of Congo. Thus the company entered the field of mineral exploitation.


        WIETC turned the organizational system of the main businesses of project contracting, manpower cooperation and shipping services from branches into subsidiaries. In April, Equatorial Guinea Zhengwei Company was established. In October, WIETC successfully obtained the qualification for international ro-ro passenger ship management issued by the Korean Register of Shipping.


        In June 2014, WIETC released the development strategy for the period from Year 2015 to 2030; Established its Capital Operation Department and started to march into the financial field.

        In 2015, WIETC vigorously developed new markets and together entered the markets in eight countries including Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Namibia, etc. In August, the company’s ranking rose to No. 115 in the list of the Top 250 International Contractors appraised and elected by US Engineering News Record, rising by 49 compared to that in 2014.


        This is the year of reform of the Company. The organization and the management mode were simplified and modified, which resulted in higher work efficiency and better quality of management, and a series of incentive policies were introduced or completed; the Company successfully entered the West Africa market via contract signing of the first project Dakar government office building in Senegal, and established West Africa Zhengwei Corporation which was in charge of the entire West Africa business; the Company’s ranking rose to No. 104 in the list of Top 250 International Contractors elected by US Engineering News Records; and the Company was included in 4 Chinese Companies authorized to send construction labors to Israel. 

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