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        ADD: No. 16, Tongyi Road, Weihai, China

        TEL: 86-0631-5233588

        FAX: 86-0631-5224345

        Current Location:Home > About Us

        About Us

        Established in January 1989, Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd(WIETC) . Through nearly 30 years’ development, the company has gradually formed its transnational operation pattern where multiple industries, such as engineering construction, manpower service, shipping service, real estate development, mineral resource exploitation, capital operation, logistics service and so on, have been developing harmoniously together. Its business has spread over more than 30 countries and regions, including Japan, Germany, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Mozambique, Indonesia, Burma and others. Besides, it has set up local subsidiaries or branches in nearly twenty of them. Its comprehensive strength ranks among the top in the trade.  

        Up to Year 2016, WIETC has carried out nearly 500 engineering projects in Africa, Asia and South America, covering international airports, urban water supply, roads, stadiums and gymnasiums, municipal squares, housing and other fields, and has accomplished a total turnover of more than USD 4 billion accumulatively. Through WIETC, over 100 thousand senior seamen, medical care personnel, cooks, electric welders, machining personnel and various other workers have been dispatched to more than 20 countries and regions altogether. It also invests in mineral resource exploitation,forestry development, real estate development and other operations in Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Mozambique, Kenya and a number of other countries. 

        Based on its outstanding performance and sound reputation, WIETC has won dozens of honors, such as Advanced Collective of National Commerce System, National Excellent Enterprise in Overseas Manpower Cooperation, Level AAA Credit Enterprise in both China’s Overseas Project Contracting and Overseas Manpower Cooperation, Presidential Medals of Honor from several countries,  Chinese Leading International Contractor in Social Responsibility Performance Evaluation. Since 2007, it has successively entered the Top 250 International Contractors List evaluated by the US Engineering News-Record (ENR), and ranked the 88th in 2018. At present, the company is concurrently holding positions of  Vice-chairman of China International Contractors Association, Vice-chairman of China Sino-Japan Trainee Cooperation Organization, Vice-chairman of China Coordination Council for Overseas Seamen Employment. 

        In the process of overseas development, WIETC actively fulfills the enterprise’s social responsibilities, pays attention to sustainable development, and created a healthy and harmonious environment for development. Under the guidance of the vision of “Building a dream & creating a sustainable life over the world” and core value of “honesty & integrity, inclusion, love & care, innovation and excellence” , WIETC is forging ahead towards the magnificent strategic goal.  

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